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PHP: Sending Mails

Here are two code snippets for mail sending in PHP.

1. Sending a simple mail

This is the code to send a simple mail. You only have to set a few variables and then call the mail() function. Unlike everything else, the sender information (name and address) can’t be passed directly — it has to be incorporated into the header. There are more header options available but to keep this simple I only used the necessary ones. The -f parameter is used to define the return path which would be set to the server’s name otherwise.

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2. Sending a mail with attachment

This example is a little bit more complex. It provides an HTML form to upload a file, which will then be sent as an attachment via mail. The mail code itself is put into a custom function sendMail(), so it can be easily called — just passing the necessary data. Since this mail will contain a text and a data portion it has to be in MIME format. To separate the different portions from each other, a unique boundary-string must be defined and put before each portion. Also, a Content-Type and Content-Transfer-Encoding must be defined for each portion. The attachment should be converted to and transferred as Base64 code.

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  • Many howtos on the internet use \r\n as a linebreak. I however made the experience that most mail servers are not able to handle those mails. So I just used \n as a linebreak and it has been working fine so far.
  • Content-Transfer-Encoding needs two linebreaks at the end, otherwise it won’t work.
  • Your PHP configuration (usually in /etc/php5/php.ini) must allow file uploads up to a size of 10 mb for this to work. (–> upload_max_filesize, post_max_size, memory_limit).
  • Also, the PHP tmp dir must be writable.

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  2. Hi, yes you can use the code for your websites. If you use it — as is — for another blog post or tutorial it would be nice if you could link my article. Thanks for asking!

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