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Installing Lubuntu on the Banana Pi

Installing Lubuntu on the Banana Pi using MacOS

Download the Lubuntu image from http://www.lemaker.org/resources/9-38/image_files.html and extract it. On a Macbook Pro with an integrated card reader the image can be copied to an SD card as follows:

  • Insert the SD card into the Mac
  • Open the Disk Utility
  • Select the SD card and format it with FAT
  • Select the SD card and click on the Info button
  • Determine the ID (i.e. disk2)
  • Unmount (deactivate) the UNTITLED partition of the SD card
  • Open the Terminal
  • Type: sudo dd bs=1m if=Lubuntu*.img of=/dev/diskX (if= being the Lubuntu image, of= being the SD card) [this may take up to an hour, unfortunately there’s no progress bar]
  • Eject the SD card

Some Notes

Default Credentials

  • username = bananapi (with display name Lemaker) / root
  • password = bananapi

Expanding the Root Partition

Changing the Keyboard Layout

Control the Green LED

The green LED on the Banana Pi board is blinking in heartbeat mode by default. It can be controlled as follows:

To make this permanent:


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