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Checking HDD SMART Status on OS X

On OS X the overall SMART Status of a hard drive can be checked in the Disk Utility. If the drive is failing, it will be displayed in red. The following screenshot shows such a failing drive:










To get more detailed information on the problem, additional software is required. This howto covers the installation and basic usage of smartmontools which is a SMART command-line utility.


1. Installation

Download the smartmontools tar.gz archive and proceed as follows:


2. Configuration

The executable should have been installed to /usr/local/sbin. This folder however might not be included in the $PATH variable which means that you can’t run smartmontools unless you switch into that folder first. To add /usr/local/sbin to the $PATH, edit the following file accordingly:


3. Usage

Here are the most common commands (use df, mount or diskutil list to determine the disk number):


4. Example Output

a) smartctl -H disk0

b) smartctl -a disk0


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