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PHP: Sending Mails

Here are two code snippets for mail sending in PHP. 1. Sending a simple mail This is the code to send a simple mail. You only have to set a few variables and then call the mail() function. Unlike everything …

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PHP: Working With Arrays

This is just a little cheat sheet on how to work with arrays in PHP: –> View as text file The output of this code looks as follows:

Stop iTunes From Launching When Using Media Keys

If you don’t use iTunes to play your music but an alternate media player (I recommend Cog) it might get very annoying that iTunes launches everytime you press your play/pause media key. There is a little but useful hack to …

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Enabling SSL On Your Webserver

In this tutorial I will describe how to enable SSL on an Apache2 webserver running on an Ubuntu 12.04 machine. The use of SSL is necessary if the communication between client and webserver needs to be encrypted.   1. Certificate …

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Solving Mac OS Networking Issues

Sometimes (I’m not sure under which circumstances) it happens that networkng in Mac OS gets broken. In this case you might not be able to establish a connection at all although you entered the IPs and everything. The easiest way …

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Basic PHP & MySQL Usage Demo

This tutorial demonstrates the basic usage of PHP and MySQL. Everything is put together in the “index.php” file, except for the database connection which is outsourced to “db.php”. The code is fairly self-explanatory and contains the most commonly used commands …

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SSH With Keyfiles

If you do a lot of SSHing it might be annoying to remember all the passwords and having to enter them all the time. In this case it can be useful to use a keyfile instead of a password to …

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Disable RDP Printer Redirection

If you use an RDP connection to administrate a Windows server, you might receive several “TerminalServices-Printers” Errors (ID 1111) in your System log each time you establish the connection, because RDP fails to redirect your local printers due to missing …

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Fix Duplicate Entries in Mac OS “Open With” Menu

I don’t know why this happens, but everytime after a few weeks of using my Mac I always end up having multiple entries of the same programs in my “Open With” menu. It must be some kind of bug, probably …

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MySQL Root Password Reset

Change The Root Password If you still know the root password, you can change it using the following command: mysqladmin -u root -p password   Reset The Root Password If you have forgotten your root password, you can do the …

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