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General Remarks

I’m running this blog for fun and documentation purposes only. By writing reviews I want to present and demonstrate products which I like and consider useful. By writing how-to articles I mainly intend to document things that I need from time to time but usually forget how they work. Since other people might be intrested in these things as well, I’m making my notes  public. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, I’m not able to write articles on a regular basis so there might be weeks or even months between new posts.


In my product reviews all information is given to the best of my knowledge and belief. However, I can’t guarantee that all information is free from error. So keep in mind to check the manufacturer’s information resources as well. I also can’t be held responsible for any misunderstandings or wrong conclusions that might arise from my articles.

If you follow the instructions that I have given in any of the articles, you do it at your own risk. These instructions have worked fine for me, but I can’t guarantee that they will also work for you as your situation or environment might be different. I am not responsible for any problems or damage that might occur by the use of these instructions. Be careful and make sure to always have a backup!

External Links

Some articles may contain links to external websites. These links refer to websites containing information regarding the article’s topic. I am not responsible for the content of these websites.

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